Drogue Update

Finished up the unfinished business from last time, i.e. procedural dungeon generation, 18 monsters, basic AI and combat mechanics. There are a few bugs where stuff spawns in the walls that I’m trying to work out, and the items and monsters are all pretty generic and in need of fleshing out.

Check it out here.


basically playable!

I also started a project to make a PICO-8 version of Gauntlet, which I really loved playing in the dedicated 4-person glass-top arcade version at Pizza Hut as a kid. I have the first three levels basically recreated. Only main feature missing is that the blue potion (which you should be able to press Z to clear all enemies on the screen). Main addition is there is line-of-sight so you don’t see monsters, items, or generators through walls! Check it out here.

Megaman-Inspired Space Marine Platfomer

Those darn mechs!

So I have this project I’ve been working on that is by no means complete, but is essentially playable. It started with following along with this tutorial and then kind of expanding on that. A fun mechanic in the game, which you can notice as you ascend throughout the space station levels, is that the force of gravity gets lower the higher you go (as it realistically would in a station configured for spin gravity). On the top levels you really moon jump around!

Of course I added a few more things like monsters, items, shooting, hit points, energy and the music/SFX. At this point really just need to see about filling out the levels with more obstacles and baddies. Check it out here.