I like making games on PICO-8.

Here are some projects I’ve worked on recently. All of them are playable but can be considered works in progress. Click the title of any one to play! Z, X and the arrow keys are the controls.

Rhieinnon’s Quest

Top down action RPG

Dovania has been cursed by a plague of monsters! The princess Rhieinnon needs your help gathering the the three crystals of power from three far flung dungeons to lift the curse from the land.

Torchship Express

Space delivery business game

Manage piloting, fueling and upgrading a ship, making deliveries and keeping the crew and passengers in food and oxygen.


Old-school roguelike

Text-based procedurally-generated dungeon crawler console game.

Solar Kingdom

Turn-based strategy

Two armies duke it out for control of the land on a hex tile based grid.

Pico SpaceWar

Physics space battle

Two player ships use quasi-realistic physics to navigate the screen while trying to destroy each other.


Fantasy shootem-up

My implementation of a few levels of something like Gauntlet.

Station X

Sci-fi Platformer

A platformer-shooter in which the force of gravity decreases as you ascend the station.

Fantasy Tactics

Procedural JRPG

A world generator with a JRPG tacked on! Random encounters on the overworld lead to turn-based battles on a zoomed in map.