I like making games on PICO-8.

Here are some projects I’ve worked on recently. The top row are more or less complete, if in need of a bit of polish. The bottom row are playable but still lack a significant amount of the planned content. All of them can be considered works in progress. Click the title of any one to play! Z, X and the arrow keys are the controls:


Old-school roguelike

Text-based procedurally-generated dungeon crawler console game.

Solar Kingdom

Turn-based strategy

Two armies duke it out for control of the land on a hex tile based grid.

Pico SpaceWar

Physics space battle

Two space ships use quasi-realistic physics to navigate the screen while trying to destroy each other.


Fantasy shootem-up

My implementation of a few levels of something like Gauntlet.

Station X

Sci-fi Platformer

A platformer-shooter in which the force of gravity decreases as you ascend the station.

Fantasy Tactics

Procedural JRPG

A world generator with a JRPG tacked on! Random encounters on the overworld lead to turn-based battles on a zoomed in map.